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Dried Split Ginger

by zeenab web web (2020-01-17)

Ginger are often used for several health purposes.It are often wont to reduce muscle pain and soreness. We make sure that our ginger are dried and neatly packaged for export to our client countries.Nigeria produces over 100,000 mts of <a href="">Dried Split Ginger</a> annually which is harvested and processed between the months of October and December per annum . the standard of Nigerian Ginger with its high pungency is adjudged one among the simplest within the world. it's exported to Europe, USA, China, India and therefore the Middle East where it's widely used as a spice and for the assembly of volatile oil . African Agronomics Limited exports about 880 mts of Ginger to varied customers worldwide. A 40′ container of Ginger takes about 22mts of Ginger.