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Avg Unable to Install or Uninstall Error 0xE0010002 - AVG Support

by Avg Support (2019-02-19)

AVG is one of the best and leading antivirus software which serves in defending the user’s device data, files, and other information. Ever since it has been produced, AVG antivirus company has offered a lot to the individual and businesses today and is also the piece of the developing market. You can get complete package of AVG Antivirus software from

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When you install AVG antivirus, you will be provided by the high class of service and support with the best quality. It has been noted that user is suffering from some issues while using AVG antivirus software. One of these basic errors is a 0xe0010002 error. You can get support from expert of AVG Antivirus at or resolve it by yourself. Before going through the troubleshooting process of AVG antivirus error 0xe0010002, let us go over the details about causes and resolutions of the error.

Reasons of AVG Error 0xe0010002

  • One of the common reasons behind this error is the incomplete installation setup from
  • You have downloaded the previous version or not yet renewed to the latest one
  • You may delete some important AVG files

After identifying the main reasons that create this issue, you can go through the troubleshooting steps to resolve it. If you found that it is hard then contact AVG specialist at and get unlimited support from them.

How to Fix 0xe0010002 Error?

  • First of all, you have to install the AVG administrator and fix the AVG Antivirus
  • Then you need to download the newest AVG antivirus suite from the official website
  • After completion of the installation process, you can run AVG setup files on your device.
  • Moreover, the user requires to choose the uninstall option and go through the set-up window.
  • Now just restart your device once to finish the fixing procedure and now reinstall AVG antivirus software.

Symptoms of AVG Error 0xe0010002:

  • The current program window crashes often
  • The device constantly crashes with the 0xe0010002 error when attempting to run the AVG software
  • Device windows react slow to any action and work slow
  • Device stops often at a periodical period

Want More Support to Resolve AVG 0xe0010002 Error?

After finding the error and its causes, if you are helpless to learn how to resolve the issues then you can contact AVG support team easily which is available for 24X7 online via web or via a toll-free number. This is the remote support so you can talk and share your data without any hesitation.

The specific time is provided to you to resolve the AVG antivirus issue. To repair AVG antivirus Error Code 0xe0010002 contact to qualified, skilled tech specialists via a call to AVG Antivirus toll-free Number. You can feel free to talk any time of the day and night for urgent support as AVG experienced tech experts available all time for all the users. Visit and ask for the help now.