E. O. Babarinde, M. R. Akinlaja, O. G. Longe, O. O. Ojebiyi


A study, using 105, day-old broiler chicks (Abor acre) was conducted to assess the effect of Brewers Dried Grain (BDG) and Red Sorghum Spent Grain (RSSG - burukutu residue) on the carcass and organ features of broilers for 8 weeks. The birds were weight-balanced, randomly selected and divided into 3 treatment groups in which the control group had neither BDG nor RSSG while the other two diets contained either 15% BDG or 15% RSSG in 5 replications with 7 birds in each replicate using a completely randomized design. For the carcass characteristics (percentage of live weight), the RSSG influenced (P<0.05) the live weight (g) and the drumstick weight. Both test diets influenced (P<0.05) the crop weight of the birds. The breast and back weights of BDG fed diets were significantly higher (P<0.05) than the RSSG, although the RSSG did not differ (P>0.05) from the control. For the organ characteristics, there were no differences (P>0.05) among all the treatments. It was concluded that, at 15% inclusion level, both BDG and RSSG are good substitute for maize in conventional broiler ration. However, the choice will depend on the cost value of the ingredients.


Brewers dried grain, red sorghum spent grain, broilers, carcass, organ

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