M. I. Okoruwa, T. O. Ososanya, U. C. Ozumba


A feeding trial that lasted 84days was conducted to assess the effect of urea-treated sugarcane waste and kolanut husk on rumen fermentation profiles and nutrient digestibility of West African dwarf female goats. A total of twenty four animals of about 5 – 6 months were randomly allocated to four treatment diets. Each treatment diet was replicated twice with three goats in a completely randomized design. The four formulated treatment diets include: TA (100% guinea grass that served as the control diet), TB (50% guinea grass and 50% urea treated sugarcane waste), TC (50% guinea grass and 50% urea treated kolanut husk), and TD (50% guinea grass and urea treated 25% sugarcane waste with 25% kolanut husk). The results showed that goats fed TA were significantly (P < 0.05) highest in acetate (56.03%) while digestibility of ash (73.05%) was highest in goats fed TB. Rumen ammonia nitrogen concentration (20.42mg/100ml) was significantly (P < 0.05) higher for goats on TC than other treatment diets. Total volatile fatty acids (72.63Mmol/litre), propionate (15.95%), butyrate (7.94Mmol/litre) with digestibility of dry matter (73.01%), crude protein (80.96%), crude fibre (72.49%), ether extract (58.93%) and nitrogen free extract (71.31%) were significantly higher (P < 0.05) in goats placed on TD compared with those on TA, TB and TC.  Rumen pH fluid of goats showed no significant difference (P > 0.05) among treatment diets. It can therefore be concluded that supplementation of 25% urea-treated sugarcane waste and 25% urea-treated kolanut husk to 50% guinea grass can enhance rumen fermentation profiles and improve nutrient digestibility in goats.


Rumen fermentation, Digestibility, Urea, Agro-by-products, Goats.

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