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A study was carried out to evaluate the effect of selected forage species on the nutrient intake and digestibility of West African dwarf (WAD) goats. Twenty four bucks of WAD goat weighing between 11.10 to 14.20kg were randomly assigned to six dietary treatments (Spondias mombin, Ageratum conyzoides, Calopogonium mucunoides, Terminalia catappa, Dialium guineense and Pennisetum purpureum) with four bucks per treatment in a completely randomized design in an experiment that lasted 84 days. A metabolism trial was conducted at the end of the feeding trial using eighteen bucks to assess the effect of the diets on nutrient digestibility. The result showed that dry matter intake (DMI) was significantly (P< 0.05) higher (257.69 g/day) in animals fed Spondias mombin supplemented with Pennisetum purpureum. The crude protein digestibility significantly (P < 0.05) highest value of 89.30% was observed in goats fed P. purpureum + S. mombin while the least value was observed in animals fed P. purpureum + A. conyzoides. Animals fed with P. purpureum + D. guineense had the best ash and ether extract digestibilities whereas the least CF digestibility value was noticed in goats fed with P. purpureum + T. catappa with no significant variations in the values of animals fed with P. purpureum + D. guineense and P. purpureum + C. mucunoides. The study concluded that goats fed Spondias mombin supplemented with Pennisetum purpureum gave the best performance in terms of the crude protein.


Forage, West African Dwarf bucks, Nutrient digestibility

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