Mansur Dandallah Salisu, A. K. Mohammed, M. A. Ibrahim, F. U. Samuel, Z. M. Wunti, T. K. Bello


A retrospective study on the prevalence of Bovine Cutaneous Eosinophilic Granuloma referred to as “Shika Ulcer” in a livestock research farm is reported.

A total of 50 cases (6.4%) out of 783 (93.6) bovine cutaneous conditions were diagnosed at the Animal Health Unit of the Institute during a ten year period. Of the 50 clinical cases seen, 52.0% were in Bunaji (White Fulani), 22.0% in the Friesian – Bunaji crosses, 16.0% in Bokoloji, and 10.0% in N’dama breed.

BCEG showed remarkable seasonality in prevalence with over 80% of cases occurring during the raining season. Shika ulcer also showed sex bias in prevalence with 86.0% of the cases occurring in the cows and 14.0% in the bulls. The reverse was however the case for age predisposition with 86.0% occurring in the adults and 14.0 in yearling.

Significant statistical difference was observed in the age and breed predisposition (P <0.05) for this condition in the study area.


Cutaneous Eosinophilic Granuloma (Shika Ulcer), Cattle, Season

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