I. I. Madziga, C. B. I. Alawa


A 15-week experiment was conducted to determine the effect of mineral supplementation on plasma mineral concentration and performance of grazing Bunaji heifers.  Twenty heifers were allotted to five treatments as follows: 1. Common salt, 2. Potash (Kanwa), 3. Phosphorus, 4. common slat + potash + phosphorus, 5. Control.  Blood was collected twice during the period of the study for mineral analysis.  Live weight changes were taken fortnightly and the potash used was analyzed for mineral composition. Differences were not observed in plasma mineral concentration among the treatments.  There were also no observed differences in average daily gains between the treatments.  However, when the period under study was divided into phases, it was found that differences (p<0.05) existed in average daily gains. The conclusion from this study indicates that daily weight gains vary over the wet season with best gains occurring during the earlier parts of the wet season, therefore supplementation should be maximized at this period.  For effective mineral supplementation of grazing animals, the mineral composition of pastures, the effect of soil ingestion and gastro- intestinal parasitism should be taken in to consideration.

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