I U Bello, A T Ahmad, M S Sadiq, M B Abdu, H Y Adamu, S S Bello, A G Bala, J T Amodu, R J Tanko, Y M Ishiaku, M M Umar


A study was carried out to evaluate the nutrient digestibility of Red Sokoto bucks fed unwilted and wilted leaves of two browse plant species, namely: Ficus thonningii and Gmelina arborea. A total of twelve (12) Red Sokoto bucks of age 9-15 months weighing 21-24 kg were randomly allotted to four treatments with three bucks per group and fed the leaves of two browse plants leaves for 7 days in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement in Completely Randomized Block Design. The nutrient digestibility of dry matter, crude protein, crude fiber, ether extract, nitrogen free extract ranged from 50 – 98.72% with highest value in G. arborea than F. thonningii.The acid detergent fiber and Neutral detergent fiber ranged from 62.27 – 73.27%. Nitrogen intake, fecal nitrogen, Urinary nitrogen, nitrogen absorbed and nitrogen retained were significantly (P<0.05) higher in G. arborea wilted, but negative values were recorded for unwilted F. thonningii. Wilting was found to positively influence (P<0.05) nutrient digestibility of all parameters in Ficus thonningii, but the reverse was the case with Gmelina arborea. Wilting was found not to influence (P>0.05) nitrogen intake in Gmelina arborea and Ficus thonningii, the same trend was observed with nitrogen absorbed. It is therefore concluded that the G. arborea was better digested and gave the best digestion of nutrients than the rest of the treatments.


Nutrient Digestibility, Red Sokoto Goats, Two Forms of Browse Plants

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