M U Ememe, F. C. Agwamba, C. C. Okelue


A 7-year-old stallion weighing 269 kg was presented to the Large Animal Clinic of Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. The stallion showed clinical signs including fever, weakness, depression, anorexia and emaciation. Lesions which include vesicles, blisters, small nodules, haemorrhagic crust, oozing sores, thickening of the skin and alopecia were seen on the perineal region, the tail and the right hind limb. Chorioptes bovis mites were recovered from skin scrapings.  Haematological analysis revealed leucocytosis (16.0x109/L) and neutrophilia (10.8 0x109/L) compared to the normal range of   4.9 – 10 x109/L and 2.3 - 8.5x109/L respectively. Treatment with two doses of Ivermectin 2 weeks apart at the dose rate of 200µg/kg, Procaine penicillin (22,000 IU/kg) and streptomycin (22 mg/kg) for 7 days and oxytetracycline spray yielded a successful result. It is advisable to present sick animals early in order to support effective healing and recovery. Regular grooming of horses and use of acaricide to control mite infestation are important to prevent this disease.


Acaricide, Chorioptes bovis, Haemorrhagic crust, Mite, Stallion

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