J. A. Ubua, E. F. Istifanus, I. Inuwa


The study investigated the performance of grower rabbits on differently processed Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterrenea) Seed Meal (BGSM) to identify the most suitable processed form of Bambara groundnut seed meal for rabbits ration. Bambara groundnut seed were divided into lots and processed differently as soaked, cooked and toasted meals while the unprocessed lot was used as control diet. The differently processed bambara groundnut seed meals were included at the rate of 25% into four treatments and designated as T1 (control), T2 (soaked), T3 (cooked), and T4 (toasted) respectively. Twenty (20) grower rabbits of mixed sexes were weighed and randomly assigned to the four treatment diets with five rabbits per treatment in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD). The performance parameters measured were; initial weight, final weight, total weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and mortality. performance parameters were measured and results in the study showed that rabbits showed no (P>0.05) significant differences in the initial weight, final weight, total weight gain when fed differently processed bambara groundnut seed meal, except on feed intake. However, rabbits on diet T2 (soaked) recorded the best performance in terms of feed conversion ratio (3.06) and weight gain (454.80g) among the processing methods which supported the health status for the animals. Conclusively, including soaked bambara groundnut seed meal at 25% can support growth and maintain a health status for the rabbits.


Performance, grower rabbits, processed Bambara groundnut

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