M. Hussaini, J. O. Ayo, M. Abdulrahman, M. A. Ibrahim, Z. M. Wunti, I. M. Umar, M. D. Salisu, R. Hassan, M. Abdullahi, F. U. Samuel


The study was conducted at Kwangila sheep and goat market, Zaria, Nigeria in order to develop predictive equations for the determination of live body weight from chest girth and body condition scores in Savannah Brown goats. Data were collected on 49 goats, aged between 1 to 3years. 42 were males and 7 were females. The mean values for body weight were 18.57 ± 2.18 kg, 14.0 ± 0.60 kg and 14.86 ± 0.64 kg for males, females and overall (males and females), respectively. Mean values for chest girth were 66.10 ± 2.10 cm, 58.50 ± 0.85 cm and 59.61 ± 0.86 cm for females, males and overall (males and females), respectively. Body condition scores were 3.0 ± 0.22, 2.7 ± 0.08 and 2.78 ± 0.08 for females, males and overall (males and females), respectively. Body weight was significantly (p <0.05) correlated with chest girth (r = 0.795) and body condition scores (r = 0.579), which indicated strong relationship between these variables. Live body weights were regressed on chest girth and body condition scores, which appeared to be significantly good, especially with the chest girth. The high and positive correlations between body weight and chest girth established in this study provide information that may be useful in the early selection of Savannah Brown goats for genetic improvement schemes. In conclusion, there were direct correlations between body weight, chest girth and body condition scores in Savannah Brown goats.


Live Body weight, Chest girth, Body condition scores, Goats

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