E. A. Kehinde, M. C. Nduka, C. U. Uchendu, W. H. Kehinde


The study was carried out to analyze the socio-economic and institutional factors influencing poultry production in Sabon-Gari Local Government Area, Kaduna State. Data were collected through the use of structured questionnaire. A multistage sampling procedure was applied. In the first stage, 5 villages were randomly selected: Bomo, Samaru, Jushi, Chikaji and Muchia. The second stage involved the random selection of 118 poultry producers from a list of 236 poultry producers identified by the researcher during reconnaissance survey of the study area. Statistical analyses employed were descriptive (Percentages and Mean presented in Tables and Graphs) and inferential statistics (Linear regression). The linear regression model was used to determine the socio-economic and institutional factors influencing income of poultry producers. Results from the study showed that majority (58.5%) were female, majority (60.2%) were married, the mean age was 46, the mean household size was 7, the mean number of years spend on education was 8 and the mean year of experience in poultry was 16, The largest number (43.2% and 34.8%) of flock size owned was for broiler 251-500 and layers 501-750 respectively. The linear regression result showed that factors such as Sex, marital status, education, extension contact, land ownership, and production cycle were significant at (P< 001) level. The major constraints faced by the poultry producers were poor pricing and inadequate market (76.3%). It was recommended that: significant researches be conducted by scientists and feed-mills to reduce the cost of production also, there is the need for government and the private sector to work to reduce the ratio of extension to farmer


Poultry, Production, Farmers, Socio-economic, Institutional, Sabon-Gari

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