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The study focused on the mitigating strategies amongst poultry farmers in Kaduna Metropolis of Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. Specifically, the study identified the mitigating strategies used by poultry farmers in the study area. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 130 farmers. Primary data were collected using structured questionnaire and analysed using attitudinal scale approach. The result of the farmers risk attitude showed that 70% of them were categorized among probable risk averse individual. It was also observed that the risks mitigation strategies employed by the farm households in the study area were preventive medical treatment, quarantines / building rotation, off-farm income as important source of household income, birds from safe and known supplier, feed from safe and known source, diversification which accounted for a coefficient alpha for the 27 statements to 86%. The study established a high degree of risk aversion as revealed by the adoption of such risk mitigating strategy like water from safe and known source, no or controlled access to visitors, wash hand before/after handling, Not allow contact between poultry and wild birds. Hence, there is a strong tendency on the part of the farmers to mitigate the production risks at farm level by adapting appropriate measures. It is therefore, recommended that financial institutions should encourage collaboration with the insurance companies to insure agricultural credit facilities to indirectly insure poultry farms due to inevitable risk involve in poultry farming business and also government   and   private   insurance   companies should consider developing insurance product for poultry farmers to  patronize and use as shock absorbers against uncertain events.


Assessment; Risk; Mitigating Strategies; Poultry Farmers

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