M. Afolayan, F. O. Abeke, A. Atanda


The demand for meat is increasing continuously in developing countries. Therefore, the modern broiler chickens have been intensely selected for higher growth rate, increased feed conversion, and meat yield. However, Ascites and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) poses a serious challenge to the poultry industry and had caused a great economic loss worldwide. Ascites syndrome which is also called pulmonary hypertension syndrome (PHS) refers to the fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity which develops gradually and is often triggered by inadequate oxygen levels. Sudden death syndrome (SDS) on the other hand is non infectious and often characterized by sudden death of a healthy and heavy bird without discernible cause. It usually occurs suddenly within few seconds; the affected birds flip over on their backs and die. This review is meant to highlight the differences between these two metabolic disorders to enable poultry farmers evaluate the probable causes of mortalities in their flock.


Ascites syndrome (AS), sudden death syndrome, broiler chickens, metabolic disorder

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